1CD bkn. THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE 2009 Discography (?) (Unknown)
1CD COLLECTION ALBUM 1980-2000 Discography 1980-2000 (Pt.1) Successful Purchase
1CD COLLECTION CONCERT AND SINGLES 1983-2000 Discography 1980-2000 (Pt.2) Successful Purchase
1CD COLLECTION MP3 Unknown content (Unknown)
2CD COLLECTION OF ALBUM 1980 - 2004 Discography 1980-2004 (Unknown)
1CD COLLECTION STUDIO ALBUM 1981-1998 Discography 1981-1998 Successful Purchase
1CD DIAMOND COLLECTION Discography 1985-2005 (Unknown)
1CD FONOTECA IN POCKET Discography 1980-2000 (Unknown)
1CD FULL COLLECTION Discography 1982-1993 (Unknown)
1CD HITS OF 90' AA.VV. Compilation (Unknown)
1CD MP3 Discography 1980-2001 (Unknown)
2CD MP3 COLLECTION Unknown content (Unknown)
3CD MP3 COLLECTION Discography 1980-2004 Zebra Studio
1CD MP3 COLLECTION DISC 1 Discography 1980-1995 (Unknown)
1CD MP3 COLLECTION DISC 2 Discography 1983-2000 (Unknown)
1CD MP3 MULTIMEDIA COLLECTION Discography 1980-2002 MP3 Service
1CD MP3 THE BEST OF MUSIC CD1 Discography 1980-2000 Music World
1CD MP3 THE BEST OF MUSIC CD2 Discography 1983-2000 Music World
1CD MUSIC COLLECTION 2000: U2 Discography 1980-1998 Dynamite Music
1CD MUSIC ENCYCLOPEDIA Discography 1980-2000 Dynamite Soft Group
1CD MUSICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA Discography 1981-2002 (Unknown)
1CD PLANET NEW MUSIC CD7 AA.VV. Bootleg compilation (Unknown)
1CD ROCK LEGENDS Discography 1980-2007 Golden Collection
1CD THE JOSHUA TREE 2017 Discography 1991-2017 (Unknown)
1CD U2 Discography 1980-2010 Magic Disc
1CD U2 Discography 1980-2004 (Unknown)
1CD U2 COMPLETE COLLECTION CD1 Unknown content (Unknown)
1CD U2 COMPLETE COLLECTION CD2 Unknown content (Unknown)
1CD U2 MP3 STEREO Discography 1980-2011 (Unknown)
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