CD1.04 'Until The End Of The World'

CD2.04 'With Or Without You'

CD2.07 '11 O'Clock' (Dublin '80)


Title: Faraway, So Close...
Release Date: 1993
Label: Alternative Recording Company
Catalog #: ARC 005-6
Matrix # - CD1: F.DISC ARC 005 1423-A
Matrix # - CD2: F.DISC ARC 006 3423-A
Content: Incomplete concert
Tournèe: Zooropa
Location: Rome, Flaminio Stadium
Date: July 07, 1993
Length: 98:51 min.
Audio source: Audience
Packaging: Jewel case

Extra tracks
Tracks / Length: CD2: 07-17 / 45:49 min.
Location: Dublin, National Stadium
Date: February 26, 1980
Audio source: FM Broadcast

Tracks / Length: CD2: 18 / 00:38 min.
Location: Rome, unknown studio
Date: 1993
Audio source: Studio (private) recording
The manufacturer of this bootleg release sing "Vincent" (snippets) playing guitar, this track is listed on CD2 and not on cover.
Limited edition of 1000 copies, not numbered.
'Zoo Station', 'The Fly' and 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' missing in the Rome recording.
The show in Dublin is an incomplete recording, 'Magic Carpet' and 'Out Of Control' missing.