★ ''GLORIA'' (VOL. 4) ★


CD.05 'The Electric Co.'

CD.08 'Party Girl' (Denver '83)

CD.11 '40' (St. Goarshausen '83)


Australian Release

Japan Release

Title: ''Gloria'' (Vol.4)
Release Date: 1993
Label: Banana
Catalog #: BAN-046-D
Matrix # - CD: BAN-046-D
Content: Incomplete concert
Tournèe: War
Location: London, Hammersmith Palais
Date: December 06, 1982
Length: 62:56 min.
Audio source: FM Broadcast
Packaging: Jewel case

Extra tracks
Track / Length: CD: 08 / 03:04 min.
Location: Denver, Red Rock Amphitheatre
Date: June 05, 1983
Audio source: Telecast

Track / Length: CD: 11 / 03:23 min.
Location: St. Goarshausen, Freilicht Buhne
Date: August 20, 1983
Audio source: Telecast
An additional catalog # (SP-144) appears on Japanese obi only (Super Live Special).
The London show has the lineup shaked respect the original track list and the 2 extra tracks are located between the London tracks.

The tracks are similar with shorter CD length of 1 CD 'An Electric Company On Stage' & 1CD 'Celebration' which have the same recording and line-up.