Matrix #: MANGO CD1 / Back cover without barcode and copyright info.

(Cover set 'A')

Cover set 'A', different colored ink on CD.

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Matrix #: V3654 UMA01 / Back cover with barcode and copyright info.
(no Bono picture inside back cover) (CD length: 68:38 min.)

(Cover set 'B')

Matrix #: V3654 UMA01 / Same cover set 'B', silver CD.

(CD length: 68:38 min.)

Matrix #: MANGOCD 1 / Cat. #: MANGOCD 1 (CD length: 68:43 min.)
Back cover without barcode and with copyright info.

(different picture inside back cover & inside folding front cover)

(Cover set 'C')

Unknown covers and matrix, CD on blue and yellow background.

Title: Mango Remixes For Propaganda
Release Date: 1996
Label: Polygram (fake)
Catalog #: MANGOCD1
Matrix # - CD: MANGO CD1
Content: Compilation (1983-1993)
Length: 68:34 min.
Audio source: Studio tracks (Remixes and B side)
Packaging: Jewel case