CD1.07 'God Part II'

CD2.06 'Party Girl'


Title: More Politics
Release Date: 10/1993
Label: Pop Tunes
Catalog #: PT 315
Matrix # - CD1: PT 315-1 1.0553-B
Matrix # - CD2: PT 315-2 1.0554-A
Content: Incomplete concert
Tournèe: Lovetown
Location: Dublin, The Point Depot
Date: December 31, 1989
Length: 89:34 min.
Audio source: Soundboard
Packaging: Double jewel case + Insert
'Star Spangled Banner - Bullet The Blue Sky' missing.
Wrong titles on back cover, 'Star Spangled Banner - Bullet The Blue Sky' listed but not recorded; 'Bad' not listed but recorded.
Same recording of 2LP 'More Politics'; 2CD 'New Year's Day In 1990' & 1CD 'Philadelphia Special'.