CD1.07 'One Tree Hill'

CD2.03 'Angel Of Harlem'

CD2.18 'Celebration' (London '82)


Same digipak; CDs with gold background

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Title: New Year's Concert
Release Date: -
Label: Unknown
Catalog #: DUB 123189-A/B
Matrix # - CD1: -
Matrix # - CD2: -
Content: Complete concert
Tournèe: Lovetown
Location: Dublin, The Point Depot
Date: December 31, 1989
Length: 102:39 min.
Audio source: Soundboard
Packaging: Quad-folfing digipak

Extra Tracks
Tracks / Length: CD2: 06-18 / 56:42 min.
Location: London, Hammersmith Palais
Date: December 06, 1982
Audio source: FM Broadcast
Complete Dublin concert, '40' has been recorded as last track of the CD1; CD2-17 is spelled incorrectly 'The Unforgettable Fire', the track correct is 'Fire'.
The show in London has been recorded from a vinyl source.
The London 1982 recording is the same of 1CD 'BBC Concert'.

Dublin 12.31 has the same recording of the following releases:
2CD 'Angel Of Harlem - The Best Of Nineteens' (shaked playlist)
1CD 'Desire Vol.3' + 1CD 'Desire Vol.4'
2CD 'Happy New Year'
2CD 'New Year's Concert' (Jewel case release)
2CD 'New Year's Eve'
2CD 'Newyearsnight In Dublin' (Caporal label)
2CD 'Newyearsnight In Dublin' (Crystal Cat label)
2CD 'The New Year's Concert'
2CD 'The New Year's Eve'