CD1.09 'I Fall Down' (Boston '83)

CD2.05 'I Will Follow' (Boston '83)

CD3.11 'Out Of Control' (New York '82)

CD4.05 'New Year's Day' (S. Bernardino '83)


Title: We Will Follow
Release Date: 2019
Label: Coda Records Ltd
Catalog #: CRLCD023
Matrix # - CD1: CRLCD023 - DISC1 - www.mightymediadiscs.co.uk
Matrix # - CD2: CRLCD023 - DISC2 - www.mightymediadiscs.co.uk
Matrix # - CD3: CRLCD023 - DISC3 - www.mightymediadiscs.co.uk
Matrix # - CD4: CRLCD023 - DISC4 - www.mightymediadiscs.co.uk
Content: Broadcast compilation
Packaging: Quad-folding cardsleeve

CD Contents
CD / Length: CD1 + CD2 / 76:22 min.
Content: Incomplete concert
Tournèe: War
Location: Boston, Orpheum Theatre
Date: May 06, 1983
Audio source: FM Broadcast

CD / Length: CD3 / 59:01 min.
Content: Incomplete concert
Tournèe: October
Location: New York, The Ritz
Date: March 17, 1982
Audio source: FM Broadcast

CD / Length: CD4 / 53:21 min.
Content: Complete concert
Tournèe: War
Location: San Bernardino, Glen Helen Park
Date: May 30, 1983
Audio source: FM Broadcast
Poor recording & lossy source (mp3 with low bit-rate) for all 4CDs, to be 3 broadcast recordings!
1 track missing '11 O'Clock Tick Tock' in the Boston 1983 recording; a partial recording (poor) of this show is available on vinyl.
3 tracks missing 'I Threw A Brick Through A Window', 'A Day Without Me' & 'I Will Follow' in the New York 1982 recording; defective recording in 'The Ocean';
wrong date printed on the cover and on CD, the show was broadcasted about March 17 and 18.
The cover show a QR code and a link where to read/download the digital 120 pages booklet; here the direct link.