CD1.02 'Zoo Station'

CD2.07 'Desire'


Title: Zootopia
Release Date: 1993
Label: Backstage
Catalog #: BKCD 046/47
Matrix # - CD1: BKCD046 PHC
Matrix # - CD2: BKCD 047 PHC
Content: Complete concert
Tournèe: Zooropa
Location: Dublin, Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds
Date: August 28, 1993
Length: 128:16 min.
Audio source: FM Broadcast
Packaging: Jewel case
Same recording of 2CD '...10" Reels'; 2CD set 'Mysterious Ways' + 'Lemon'; 2CD 'Sleeping In My Home Bed Tonight'; 2CD 'Zoo Europa';
2CD 'Zooropa 1993 Live From The Mixing Desk'; 2CD 'Zootopia' (Octopus) & 2CD 'Zootopia The Hottest Ticket In Rock'.