'...10" REELS'


CD1 / 03. 'Even Better Than The Real Thing'

CD2 / 04. 'Where The Streets Have No Name'


U2 .. 10''; Reels - Zooropa 1993

Title: ...10" Reels
Release Date: 10/1993
Label: Future Disc
Catalog #: U2 001/2
Matrix # - CD1: F.DISC U2 PARTE 1 1344-A
Matrix # - CD2: F.DISC U2001/2 CD2 1341-A
CDs Content: Complete concert
Tourneè: Zooropa
Rec. Location : Dublin, R.D.S. Showground
Rec. Date: August 28, 1993
Rec. Length: 119:44 min.
Rec.Type: FM Broadcast
CDs Rec. Source: Lossy
Extra Track: CD2.11 (6:59) - Location unknown
Packaging: Double jewel case + Folding
Wrong title on back cover in CD2.11: 'Who's gonna ride your wi n d horses' (unknown extra track).

Entire show recording from lossy source, extra track from lossless source.