2CD 100% Pure Rock Complete (CD1)
1CD Achtung Live 1980 To 1988 Incomplete
2LP Best Of The Biscuit Presents U2 Incomplete
2CD Boston 1983 2nd Night Complete
1LP Boston FM May 1983 Incomplete
2CD Celebration Incomplete (5 tracks)
2LP From Us To U Incomplete (9 tracks)
1CD Gloria Incomplete (4 tracks)
1LP Goodnight Incomplete
7'' I Will Follow / Gloria Incomplete (2 tracks)
1CD Last Chance To Dance Incomplete (7 tracks)
2LP Live Boston Orpheum 6.8.84 Incomplete
1CD Live USA Incomplete (6 tracks)
1CD Live Vol.3 Incomplete
1CD Live Vol.5 Incomplete (1 track)
2LP More Than Love Incomplete (5 tracks)
2CD More Than Love Incomplete (5 tracks)
1CD My Country Incomplete (5 tracks)
1CD Philadelphia Cream Incomplete
2PDK President Incomplete (A-B side) (half show missing)
1CD President Incomplete (half show missing)
1CD Pride (Vol.1) Incomplete
1CD Recording Live During The 80's Incomplete (5 tracks)
2LP Set The World On Fire Incomplete (1 track missing)
4CD Songs Of War/82-83 The Soundboard Archives Complete
2LP Stage Incomplete (A-B side) (half show missing)
4CD The Broadcast Collection Incomplete (1 track missing)
2CD The Complete Boston '83 Tapes Complete
1CD The Electric Co. Incomplete (3 extra-tracks)
1CD The Gig In Philly Incomplete
3CD The New Word Volume 1 (1979-1983) Incomplete (CD 3)
1CD Through The Years Incomplete (1 track)
1LP Two Hearts Beat As One Incomplete
1CD U2 Boston 1983 Incomplete
1CD U2 Live In Boston '83 Complete
1CD U2 Vol. 1 Incomplete (2 tracks)
2x10" War - The Concert Incomplete
4CD We Will Follow Incomplete (1 track missing) (CD 1-2)
1LP We Will Follow Incomplete (7 tracks missing)
1CD Welcome To Boston Incomplete
1PDK Welcome To Boston '83 Incomplete
1CD World Tour In Concert Incomplete (1 track)
1LP You Too Incomplete