1LP A Canterbury Tale Canterbury, 11.11.80
1LP A Conspiracy Of Hope Los Angeles, 06.06.86
2LP Apollo 6.11.18 New York, 06.11.18
1CD Apollo 6.11.18 New York, 06.11.18
1LP Dutch Milky Way Amsterdam, 10.15.80
1LP I'm Sorry Berlin Berlin, 09.01.18
2LP Joshua Tree In Birmingham Birmingham, 08.04.87
2LP L.A. Sports Arena Los Angeles, 06.17.83
2LP Love Will Tear Us Apart Brussels, 07.08.87
1LP Rock Goes To College Belfast, 01.23.81
2LP Rotterdam Lovetown Rotterdam, 01.06.90
2LP Tequila Sunrise Hampton, 12.12.87
3LP The Burning Desire Tokyo, 12.05.19
3LP The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band Of The North Side Dublin, 11.09.18
2LP Walk Till You Run New York, 04.01.85