Side A1 'Into The Light' (Dublin '79)

Side B1 'The Dream Is Over' (London '79)

Side B2 'Shadows Tall Trees' (Dublin '78)

Same folding cover & matrix; green vinyl (42 gr.)

Same folding cover & matrix; blue vinyl (38 gr.)

Reprint on glossy 7" regular cover, same color-set vinyls as above.

Title: The Unforgetable Demos Volume One
Release Date: 1985
Label: Garageland Records
Catalog #: 002
Matrix # - Side A: VOL 1 A
Matrix # - Side B: VOL 1 B
Content: Incomplete sessions (1978-1979)
Location (Side A 1-2): Dublin, Eamon Andrews Studios
Date (Side A 1-2): February, 1979
Location (Side B 1): London, CBS Studios
Date (Side B 1): December, 1979
Location (Side B 2): Dublin, Keystone Studios
Date (Side B 2): November 01, 1978
Disc weight: 40 gr.
Turntable speed: 33 ⅓ r.p.m.
Audio source: Mixing desk
Packaging: Folding paper sleeve (7,09" x 14,17")
Both sides are the same side A recording of the following LPs:
1LP 'The Unforgetable Demos'
1PDK 'The Unforgetable Demos'
1LP 'The Unforgetable Demos Volume One'.
1LP 'The Unforgettable Demos'