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Different colored insert, same vinyl

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Title: Before The Baloon Went Up
Release Date: 2012
Label: Trade Mark Of Quality
Catalog #: -
Matrix # - Side A: ZH 70·1·1
Matrix # - Side B: ZH 71·1·1
Moulded matrix on vinyl: By hand
Disc weight: - gr.
Vinyl compound: Dark orange, marbled in gray
Content: Complete concert
Tournèe: Early Days
Location: Cork, Opera House
Date: October 05, 1979
Audio source: FM Broadcast
Turntable speed: - r.p.m.
Packaging: Plain sleeve with stickered insert cover

Extra Tracks
Side / Tracks: B / 04-06
Location: Dublin, Keystone Studios
Date: November 01, 1978
Audio source: Mixing-desk
Same vinyl of the original release 1LP 'Sometimes The Hero Takes Me'.
The same vinyl (various color) for the following T.M.O.Q. label releases:
1LP 'The Party Is Over'
1LP 'The Roots Of U2'
Disc1/2LP 'What A Nice Way To Turn 17'.