Side A2 'Twilight' (Dublin '78)

Side A5 'Out Of Control' (Dublin 08.79)

Side A6 'Another Time...' (Dublin 02.79)

Side B1 'Southern Man' (New York '82)

Side B3 'Surrender' (London '83)

Reprint: glossy blue background cover, same matrix. (140 gr.)
(full black vinyl)

Different reprint release, same cover, green vinyl, different labels (- gr.).

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Title: Dubliners
Release Date: 1985
Label: Juke Box Records
Catalog #: TAL 6302
Matrix # - Side A: ARIZONA 1A
Matrix # - Side B: ARIZONA 1B
Moulded matrix on vinyl: By hand
Disc weight: 129 gr.
Vinyl compound: Green translucent
Content: Compilation demos, studio & live (1979-1983)
Turntable speed: 33 r.p.m.
Packaging: Picture cover

Contents (excluding studio tracks)
Side / Tracks: A / 02, 04
Location: Dublin, Keystone Studios
Date: November, 1978
Audio source: Mixing desk

Side / Track: A / 05
Location: Dublin, Windmill Lane Studios
Date: August 04, 1979
Audio source: Mixing desk

Side / Track: A / 06
Location: Dublin, Eamon Andrews Studios
Date: February, 1979
Audio source: Mixing desk

Side / Track: B / 01
Location: New York, The Ritz
Date: March 18, 1982
Audio source: Audience

Side / Tracks: B / 02-04
Location: London, BBC Studios
Date: January 31, 1983
Audio source: Mixing desk
Same vinyl (just different label) of 1LP 'Dubliners' (The Anonymous Label).
Interview between the demos tracks on A side.