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Title: Shout It Out Loud
Release Date: 2019
Label: Trade Mark Of Quality
Catalog #: -
Matrix # - Side A: 0SS-09 A
Matrix # - Side B: 0SS-09 B
Moulded matrix on vinyl: By hand
Disc weight: - gr.
Vinyl compound: Green, slightly black marbled
Content: Incomplete concert
Tournèe: The Joshua Tree
Location: Dublin, Croke Park
Date: June 27, 1987
Audio source: Audience
Turntable speed: 33 r.p.m.
Packaging: Stickered insert on front plain sleeve only
Limited edition coloured vinyl on 100 copies, hand numbered.
Same vinyl (different label) of 1LP 'Saturday Night In Dublin'.
The same vinyl, in various colours, with different inserts on plain jacket for the following replica release:
1LP 'Disposable Heroes' (Trade Mark Of Quality label)
1LP 'Modern Times' (Trade Mark Of Quality label)
1LP 'Take Me To The Top Of The City' (Trade Mark Of Quality label)
1LP 'The Stars Are Alive On Nights Like These' (Trade Mark Of Quality label)