CD.02 'Surrender' (London '83)

CD.07 'One Tree Hill' (Dublin 31)

CD.09 'With Or Without You' (Dublin 26)


Different release in jewel case packaging, same silver CD, without tab.

Title: My Country
Release Date: 1991
Label: New Keruac Line
Catalog #: 1024
Matrix # - CD (red): PILZ 1024 462
Content: Live Compilation (1983-1989)
Length: 57:04 min.
Packaging: Round tin box + numbered tab

Tracks / Length: CD: 01-05 / 27:25 min.
Location: London, Hammersmith Palais
Date: March 29, 1983
Audio source: FM Broadcast

Tracks / Length: CD: 06-07, 10 / 15:16 min.
Location: Dublin, The Point Depot
Date: December 31, 1989
Audio source: Soundboard

Tracks / Length: CD: 08-09 / 14:23 min.
Location: Dublin, The Point Depot
Date: December 26, 1989
Audio source: Soundboard
Wrong title list on back tin box release, 11 tracks, but CD plays 10 due the 7th track missing in the list; correct track list on back jewel case release.
The tin box is the same of the New Keruac Line label release 'My Country' without the red sticker on back due the CD plays right tracks.
The same CD with same catalogue number, matrix and recording is included in round tin box release 'Pride My Country' New Keruac Line label too.