CD1.07 'One Tree Hill'

CD2.02 'Party Girl'

CD2.13 'Helter Skelter' (San Francisco '87)


1991 Release: Matrix #: V00K1 • V00K2. Same source and run-time.

Title: Newyearsnight In Dublin
Release Date: 1990
Label: Caporal
Catalog #: 6710/11
Matrix # - CD1: 6710 T204-8505 <05>
Matrix # - CD2: 6711 T204-8607 <01>
Content: Complete concert
Tournèe: Lovetown
Location: Dublin, The Point Depot
Date: December 31, 1989
Length: 102:40 min.
Audio source: Soundboard
Packaging: Double jewel case + Insert folding

Extra Tracks
Tracks / Length: CD2: 07-15 / 44:48 min.
Location: San Francisco, Justin Herman Plaza
Date: November 11, 1987
Audio source: Audience
Wrong date for San Francisco concert; both relaeses have different title on CD.

San Francisco 1987 is the same recording extra-tracks of 2CD 'Happy New Year'; 1CD 'In The Name Of Love'; extra-tracks of
2CD 'New Year's Eve'; extra-tracks of 2CD 'Newyearsnight In Dublin' (Crystal Cat Records); extra-tracks of
2CD 'The New Year's Concert'; extra-tracks of 2CD 'The New Year's Eve'.

Dublin 12.31 has the same recording of the following releases:
2CD 'Angel Of Harlem - The Best Of Nineteens' (shaked playlist)
1CD 'Desire Vol.3' + 1CD 'Desire Vol.4'
2CD 'Happy New Year'
2CD 'New Year's Concert' (Jewel case release)
2CD 'New Year's Concert' (Digipack case release)
2CD 'New Year's Eve'
2CD 'Newyearsnight In Dublin' (Crystal Cat label)
2CD 'The New Year's Concert'
2CD 'The New Year's Eve'