★ ROSEMONT 429 ★


CD1.09 'Exit'

CD2.02 'October'


Title: Rosemont 429
Release Date: 2017
Label: Moonchild Records
Catalog #: -
Matrix # - CD1: U2-429D1 (SM1-HA0080/3A)
Matrix # - CD2: U2-439D2 (SM1-HA0080/4A)
Content: Complete concert
Tournèe: The Joshua Tree
Location: Chicago, Rosemont Horizon
Date: April 29, 1987
Length: 104:18 min.
Audio source: (see notes)
Packaging: Jewel case
Same recording of 11CD 'Silver And Gold' (CD 1-2).

All bootlegs pressed about this show declared (like this) a soundboard source; according to me isn't true, this is one of best (or the best) recording of Joshua Tree tour made probably with directional microphones and than remixed to turn down the crue screaming; also the Bono's voice is rather distant compared with other soundboard on 1987 (Los Angeles 11.87 for example). For example try to listen CD2 - Track 2 'October' at the min. 1:54 (if you own the CD, or 00:28 in the demo track in this page) you can ear the taper who hit the device and a deaf click is perfectly audible (using great quality headphone). Also have never been any radio programs or telecast program with this concert or part of this concert, so my question is 'which is the source'?. Also, if you look at the spectrum analysis you will found a poor MP3 master source against all the other 'Moonchild' label recording in almost lossless quality. This is my opinion anyway.