★ U2 - VOL. 2 ★


CD.10 'Ultraviolet'


Title: U2 - Vol. 2
Release Date: -
Label: LSD Records
Catalog #: LSD CD 152.022
Matrix # - CD: MCP 152.022
Content: Complete concert w/ U2 - Vol. 1
Tournèe: Zoo TV
Location: Miami, Miami Arena
Date: March 01, 1992
Length (Vol. 2 / Vol. 1): 60:20 min. / 49:19 min. (109:39 min.)
Audio source: Audience
Packaging: Jewel case
Some misspelled title on the covers.
Available on 1Tape 'U2 Vol. 2'.
Some recording and track list of the 2CD 'Welcome To Zoo TV' (CD2).
Same recording of 2CD 'The Fly Is Back' (Golden Stars) (CD2); 2CD 'The Fly Is Back' (Live Storm) (CD2); 2CD box-set 'The Total Thing' (CD2).