★ U2 LIVE VOL. 7 ★


CD.08 'Ultraviolet'

CD.12 'Gloria' (Chicago '87)


Title: U2 Live Vol. 7
Release Date: -
Label: Amcos
Catalog #: SW 61
Matrix # - CD: 58112XK1 SW61
Content: Complete concert w/ U2 Live Vol. 6
Tournèe: Zooropa
Location: Dublin, Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds
Date: August 28, 1993
Length (Vol. 7 / Vol. 6): 56:09 min. / 62:59 min. (119:08 min.)
Audio source: Soundboard
Packaging: Jewel case

Extra Tracks
Tracks / Length: CD: 06, 12-13 / 19:39 min.
Location: Chicago, Rosemont Horizon
Date: April 29, 1987
Audio source: Audience
CD not indexed, 1 track 1:15:46 (h:m:s); the timing are taken from CD2 of 'Zooropa 1993 Live", but the audio recording and spectrum analysis are taken from
this CD; '40' recording after 'Gloria', but not listed on back cover, the track is ruined by a background noise; after '40' the Elvis Presley's outro reprise for few seconds.
Available on 1Tape 'U2 Live. 7'.

Same recording quality, track list and length of the CD2 of 2CD 'Zooropa 1993 Live'.
Same recording, about CD2, of 2CD 'Best Of '93 Tour'; 2CD 'Dublin 1993' (Golden Stars); 2CD 'Dublin 1993' (Live Storm); 2CD 'Love Is Blindness';
2CD set 'Point Of No Return Vol.1' + 'Point Of No Return Vol.2'; 3CD 'The Fly Volume 3 1989-1993' (CD2-3).