2CD Bronco City Night Complete
12CD Bullet The Blue Sky Complete (CD 7-8)
2CD Denver 117 Complete
2CD Enjoy Complete
1CD It's So Beautiful! Incomplete (5 tracks)
3CD Keeping The Faith Volume 2 (1984-1988) Incomplete (1 track)
1CD Live At The Zoo Station Incomplete (1 extra-track)
1CD Live Vol.5 Incomplete (4 tracks)
1CD McNichols Arena Incomplete (Mongoose Records)
1CD McNichols Arena Incomplete (Turtle Records)
2CD Mountains & Deserts Complete
2CD Mountains In A Blue Sky Incomplete (1 track missing)
1CD Pride (Vol.2) Incomplete
3CD Rare Tracks 1979 • 1993 Vol.4 Incomplete (1 track)
1CD U2 Vol. 2 Incomplete (5 extra-tracks)
1CD World Tour In Concert Incomplete (4 tracks)
1CD Zoo TV Tour Incomplete (1 extra-track)