WikiBoot born from a first project started around 2003 with the objective to have an graphic archive about CDs, LPs, tapes, bootlegs covers & media of U2 since 1981 up to date.

To celebrate my first 30th year of U2 bootleg collecting, the 13th U2 album "Son gs of Innocence" and related innocence + experience tour 2015 came out next year, I've improved this site with more pictures, links and lot of update by other worldwide authoritative collector in the world.

Anyway this site will help you to avoid purchase fake or replica releases by showing you any graphic detail of each media. I have not included CD-R (I'll not!) and about the vinyls, with fantasy hand-made insert cover, I've added the appropriate specification and the link to the original releases. Check the info " how-to " to compare a CD from a CD-R.

I hope, with your help, to optimize this site and make it the most complete picture covers & media gallery about U2 bootlegs worldwide.You will not find too much details about the content of each media due exist on the web a lot of site with well done details (track list etc...).

March 2018 to April 2019: The site will be improved with new technical details for each title and more functions; please keep in consideration that this site lists around 1.800 bootlegs (CDs + LPs) and the works to complete entire archive will take a long time so I'll be not able to upload new updates in the next 7/8 months. Hope to run the new site within April 2019.

All this work has been suggested by closure on DiscoGS Record Database of the bootlegs session, so I hope to give you a
valid (U2 only) alternative. Anyway I'll not close this site until the new one is completed, but I'm saving all update I'm receiving,
thank you, and continue to send picture and update, all will be shown in the new site!.

Remember to bookmark just this home page due ALL the rest of the site will be deleted and fully changed from April 2019!

That's all falks !

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