This idea started on 2003 with a basic web-site to have an personal archive of all bootlegs I knew about U2 with front picture cover as a reference for each title, but the difference between the bootlegs are much more.
On 2014 I've improved that idea, thanks to better software to create web pages too . You can see the covers and media, check each title with other similar releases, matrix, catalogue number; anyway something was still missing.
On April 2019, based on 2003 + 2014 project, I've completed the work adding audio file and spectrum analysis picture for live CDs only, for the title I own; checked all unknown live tracks by comparing with live (flac) archive with over 4.000 recording and give to the unknown tracks the right source. (This site is for desktop/notebook browsing only due the first master project started on 2003 and the responsive website didn't exist; FLOM, the most complete source of U2's bootleg information about CD only in the '90, was a simple .txt file)


Every audio track present in this site has been converted from the media (CD/Vinyl) in MP3 (192Kbs), all the graphic spectrum has been created from .WAV file from CD source only. To check the CD source quality download (or just read) the PDF guide below.
Every track recorded from the vinyl has not been edited except for 'de-clicker' to preserve the original audio quality.

CD • 5 x pc desktop reader/burner device > MediaMonkey > .wav > Biga Soft Audio Converter > 1 min. MP3 file
VINYL • Technics SL1210 MK2 > Stanton 680HP > iZotope RX (recording and declicker) > .WAV > B.S.A.C. > 1min. MP3 file
SPECTRUM ANALYSIS IMAGES • .WAV (from CD only) > Spek > Adobe Photoshop

PDF guide to compare CD silver pressed to CD-R
PDF guide to compare the spectrum analysis for live CDs only
EXCEL file (zip) a personal list with over 4.000 live recording (last update on March 18, 2023)

This is not a profit-site, no registration will be required, no banners shown, so please don't ask anything from this site (recording, covers etc...).
Just for passion... what else!