Title: Jesus Was A Cool Guy
Release Date: 2001
Label: Universal (fake)
Catalog #: 6423400402313
Matrix # - CD1: HDCD 1392
Matrix # - CD2: HDCD 1393
Content CD1: Compilation live (1987-1993)
Content CD2: Album tracks
Length CD1: 68:48 min.
Length CD2: 50:18 min.
Audio source CD1: Audience, telecast & FM broadcast
Audio source CD2: Official studio
Packaging: 5,51" X 4,92" - h.0,43" card-box + jewel case
Back cover list 27 tracks for CD1, but only 25 has been recorded; the CD1 is the same release minus last 2 tracks of
1CD 'Jesus Was A Cool Guy' (Oxygen label, please refer to 1CD release for the audio quality and spectrum analysis).

The CD2 include the 'Zooropa' album with 'New Year's Day' instead of 'Stay'.