Side A2 'Seconds'

Same insert cover, matrix, full black color; different colored labels (138 gr.)

'Limited Colored Edition' printed on insert cover.
Same matrix, traslucent green vinyl, different colored labels (150 gr.)

Same 'Limited Colored Edition' printed on insert cover.
Clear vinyl

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Title: Thinking Of You Too
Release Date: 1988
Label: Unknown
Catalog #: -
Matrix # - Side A: RSR 110-A
Matrix # - Side B: RSR 110-B
Moulded matrix on vinyl: By hand
Disc weight: 140 gr.
Vinyl compound: Full black
Content: Incomplete concert
Tournèe: War
Location: Denver, Red Rock Amphitheatre
Date: June 05, 1983
Audio source: Telecast
Turntable speed: 33 r.p.m.
Packaging: 10'' insert cover glued on plain jacket
Same recording and matrix of 1LP 'Hanging On', 1LP 'Thinking Of You Too' (Trade Mark Of Quality label) & 1PDK 'Thinking Of You Too'.